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20120802 by Tillmann Lange

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I no longer work with calculations, nor am I interested
in data and their meanings.

I saw something in the past or it was something
someone told me. These fragments of past information transformed themselves in
my mind into forms. The numbers still exist within and the structures appear
like a flash.

I’m on paper.

It isn’t important to decode the original information:
absolute knowledge is impossible.

Fragments seen before have no relation to information.

Number is image and the pages of a math book are drawings.

The math book was shifted: I want to create a situation similar to listening to music, without understanding it’s
composition. You look at the drawing and I hope there is something you can feel, without further information.

The final outcome of musics equation is greater then its numbers, its the melody.

I like not to know what the melody means.

I like not to know.

Codes without keys. Maybe there is someone who could see the structure of the pattern.

It is interesting to see a information encoded and then to question: What is it about?

I want to freeze at this point. There is a question but there isn’t an answer.

The mystery is magical alone. Without answers.


translated by Jessica Cooke

Tillmann  Lange was born in Cottbus, Germany in 1981, he began his studies in the  Technical University of Dresden, Germany in 2001 in computer science. During this time he performed a parallel painting study in the Academy of Fine Arts  Dresden. In 2005 he moved to Berlin, where he currently lives and works as a  graphic designer and studies painting in the Berlin Weissensee School of Arts.
He had his work published in the ‘Prolog 7’ magazine of Berlin in 2011. His
solo exhibitions were ‘Linienkompott’ in Galerie  im Zwischenraum, Berlin 2012 and ‘Aktstudien und freie Blätter’, in the Galerie Ostart, Berlin.